Posted on February 8, 2024

ESG salary market overview


2021 and 2022 saw unprecedented rises in salary levels at the more junior end of the market. With ESG being one of the most consistently recruited markets, naturally there was a huge demand at entry points for candidates wishing to begin their careers within financial services.


2023 can be appraised in two halves. The first half, heavily affected by industry turbulations, was incredibly conservative with recruitment needs being solely driven by business-critical hires. The second half of 2023, whilst still conservative, saw more strategy led hires. Despite a reserved recruitment market, 2023 saw an increase still on junior salaries across the ESG, Sustainability and Impact market.

Tis graph demonstrates the current avaerage salary for ESG Professionals


With entry roles to the sustainability market needing less technical backgrounds and broadening to include specific data and reporting capabilities, 2024 will most likely see the entry salary points decrease on average.

There is no indication that salary levels will decrease at different levels across the market, hopefully we shall have more movement at the 8+ year mark, of which there is significant candidate demand. 

We wrote a blog post on how to break within the ESG space, as demand for roles within sustainability still exceedingly high, 2024 is set to be an impactful recruitment year.

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