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Every month, we carefully select and compile valuable content and profound insights on the ever-evolving ESG investment landscape.

The Investment Banking Market: Who’s Hiring?

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What is the Current State of the Investment Banking Market and What Trends Can We Anticipate in the Months Ahead? M&A Activity has slowed As we are all too aware, M&A activity has reduced significantly across most sectors, resulting in multiple rounds of cuts at the largest investment banks and bonus percentages that have left […]

Craft an Impressive Finance CV

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Closely consider your CV structure, and fast track to shortlist!

Fundamentals of Asset Management Explained

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The process of asset management involves several key steps, including asset allocation, risk management, and performance monitoring

How to Get Into Private Equity in London

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In this guide, we’ll explore the industry’s key players, career paths, and actionable tips for breaking into Private Equity in London.

Strategies to attract the best ESG professionals

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In broad terms, how would you define an “ESG job” in financial services?

Investment bankers bonuses: London Markets

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When considering yearly compensation, firms like Deutsche and Morgan Stanley appear more appealing

Salary and Bonus Survey in Investment Banking

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Are you curious about how your investment banking salary and bonus package stacks up against others in the industry? Investment Banking is a dynamic field that demands a particular set of skills from its professionals. The lucrative rewards are hard-earned, requiring an unparalleled commitment to hard work and dedication. The salary and bonus data we […]

The Future of Diversity & Inclusion in Financial Services

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The Future of Diversity & Inclusion in Financial Services: Initiatives and Practices of London’s leading Investment Banks

Investment Banking Survey

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Salary Benchmarking, DEI, and is wellbeing considered?  Pearse Partners has recently conducted an Investment Banking survey of talent across the UK market in tandem with collating insights on the latest bonus data and payouts. The survey was aimed at assisting talent in the industry to not only benchmark individual salaries across the sector but also […]