M&A Associate/Senior Associate – Generalist

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Healthcare Analyst

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Investment Banking – Healthcare Associate

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Healthcare Services Investment Banking – Vice President

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Media Associate/VP – Elite Independent Investment Bank

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Healthcare & Business Services/Industrials

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How to attract female talent

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Every company, regardless of industry, size or location, has a goal of hiring the best talent. Yet, recruiting diverse candidates remains a top challenge for companies today. Here are some tips to attract more females into finance! Last month, we ran a social media poll asking our audience to vote on how important a diverse […]

High Potential Individual visa: What HR needs to know

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Launched last week, the High Potential Individual visa is aimed at attracting exceptional graduates to work and reside in the UK and opens up a new route for potential candidates for HR. But what are its benefits and drawbacks? Vanessa Ganguin explains.

Tech VP

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You will take a lead in production of financial models, manage due diligence processes, manage and mentor a successful analyst and associate team.

Elite Mid-Market IB – Investment Banking Associate/VP – (Software)

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You will be taking a lead on organisation execution in the software sector that will help build relationships with relevant stakeholders to grow a transactional pipeline.