Posted on July 11, 2023

Our Commitment to Equal Opportunity and Diversity

At Pearse Partners we strongly believe in being our own authentic selves and taking ownership of our differences. We become more resilient and courageous when we embrace who we truly are and our lived experiences. Vulnerability is our strength, which empowers us to foster better connections and relationships with each other.

We whole heartedly believe that our people should be adding to our culture, not fitting into it, and we actively encourage collaborative and engaging environments that promotes authenticity and free thinking. We are committed to continue to learn, progress and champion one another.

As a leading financial services recruitment agency, we have a responsibility to positively impact the diversity, equity and inclusion of the industries we service. We partner with our clients across the UK and the USA to create recruitment processes that will improve equal opportunity and diversity to create impactful change within their organisation.

Utilising Diverse Job Boards

Pearse Partners will use our advertising budget on job boards and advertising aimed at increasing equal opportunity and diversity of our talent pool across gender, disability, sexuality, age and race. Our commitment to diversity is one of the core values of our business, and we are keen to take active steps in increasing representation through our recruiting process. We believe that this will make us a better business, with a more diverse perspective which can help drive innovation and competitiveness in an ever-changing market.

Collecting and Analysing Data

We endeavour to collect diversity data on all our candidates, where they feel comfortable to do so, enabling us to clearly identify disparities highlighted in our talent pools and act upon them. Doing this, allows us to identify diverse and authentic talent. We are also proud to be an equal opportunities employer, which means that no individual will be discriminated against on the basis of age, race, religion, ethnicity, disability, gender identity or sexual orientation. We respect and value difference in all its forms.

Delivering Unconscious Bias Training

We recognise that bias starts at the point of candidate application, to address this, all our talent partners and employees receive unconscious bias training, this is lead from the top and role modelled down from within leadership. We also employ innovative solutions to increase diversity in the application process. Additionally, we invest heavily in our referral network with a focus on diversity of thought.

Blind CV Campaigns

We support our clients by providing blind CV’s. Removing data such as names, education and background enables a more unbiased approach to hiring. Our experts research each CV and shortlist on the basis of skills, experience and achievements. This process helps employers create an even playing field for all applicants, regardless of demographic or background.

To Conclude

We are committed to being a driving force for positive change within the industry, both internally and externally. We acknowledge that diversifying our talent pool across dimensions beyond gender, such as ethnicity or socioeconomic background, presents unique challenges. 

Our success thus far in representing an inclusive market

  • In 2022, we sent over 3,500 blind CV's to our partnered clients
  • Across 2022 we placed x4 more females into roles compared to other years
  • We focused on seniority internally and have 40% females representing our board

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