Pearse Partners are an established Private Equity recruitment firm based in London. We specialise in catering to various investment teams across buy-side markets. We acknowledge that selecting top talent who make a significant quantitative difference is crucial.

Our profound expertise in finance staffing across private equity has helped build lasting relationships with clients and earn exceptional mandates.
Our team at Pearse Partners is well-equipped to secure private equity jobs across the UK. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs and get started.

In addition, we use our network and market knowledge to seek top-performing professionals, ranging from Analyst to Partner.

Furthermore, armed with a comprehensive understanding of a client's values and goals, we help shape proactive, long-term hiring strategies that align with their vision.


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Project Manager – Infrastructure

London Private equity

Pearse Partners are delighted to be partnered with a leading renewable energy company seeking a new candidate to join the team within their project management and planning department.

Project Manager – Grid Network Specialist

London Private equity

Investment Associate – Technology Fund

London Private equity

Global Alternative Asset Manager + PE Industrials/Business Services Associate

London Private equity

ESG Analyst

London Private equity

The second hire within the ESG function, to support the ESG Director, you will be responsible for the development and running of the ESG function and implementing the ESG strategy across all business lines.


Our Process

We are always mapping and networking to unearth top talent in the market. Further to this, when receiving a brief, we establish a clear goal and act immediately. From that point, we hit the ground running.

Similarly, we take the time to fully understand the cultural and technical requirements of both client and candidate.

We run a highly organised and structured process. And we ensure both client and candidate know exactly where they stand, throughout.

Our job isn't finished until both candidate and client are settled. We also always follow up to make sure the placement works for both parties.


Private Equity


Buy-out roles in private equity include positions such as associate, senior analyst, director of investments and managing partner. These roles require a strong understanding of financial analysis, due diligence, deal structuring and execution.

Growth equity

These roles require a strong understanding of financial analysis, market trends, and the ability to identify high-growth potential companies.


Infrastructure roles in private equity cover various areas, including finance and accounting, fund raising, investor relations, compliance, and portfolio management.

Real Estate

Lastly, real estate roles in private equity are; investment associate, asset manager and portfolio manager.

Pearse Partners is a great recruitment partner to have. They do listen to the needs of their clients and are indeed presenting relevant profiles within the search criteria. Further to this, they always come highly recommended.

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