The Investment Banking Market: Who’s Hiring?

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What is the Current State of the Investment Banking Market and What Trends Can We Anticipate in the Months Ahead? M&A Activity has slowed As we are all too aware, M&A activity has reduced significantly across most sectors, resulting in multiple rounds of cuts at the largest investment banks and bonus percentages that have left […]

Investment Banking in the Middle East

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Recruiting within investment banking remains both competitive and challenging to find the right technical experience however, many are drawn to the region given the higher compensation packages.

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Nail your Corporate Finance Interview

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Preparation for your corporate finance interview is key, but particularly so for a positive interview with the outcome you want! keep reading for some interview tips. Preparation will make you feel more in control and you will come across more confident and competent; qualities that a potential employer will be seeking. Interviews are used to qualify you for the […]