Posted on March 7, 2023

ESG: How to stand out in a trending market

With ESG increasingly becoming embedded within the DNA of any business, sustainability is one of the most highly sought after career paths.

Why ESG?

With ESG increasingly becoming embedded within the DNA of any business, sustainability is one of the most highly sought after career paths. With opportunities spanning across all industries, it allows professionals to have a positive impact on both the society and environment.

Studying ESG

The Cambridge Institute of Sustainable Leadership is only in its early infancy of running with 12 cohorts of educators. As this space continually evolves, so too, does the demand and capacity for skilled professionals. Other notable courses that include environmentally or socially impactful learning of higher education include;

  • Degrees focussed around specialisms of sustainability, environmental, social or ethical financial or technological learning.
  • Sustainably focussed Masters courses from universities such as LSE, UCL, Imperial, Glasgow etc.

With all these courses available, standing out amongst a sea of others, can prove tricky.

Former Head of ESG Business Strategy for PIMCO, Olivia Albrecht's, best advice on hiring is to read books, listen to podcasts, go to lectures and be willing to add to your workload by asking to incorporate sustainability work streams.

Build your understanding within ESG

Experience is really what separates candidates apart. Demand for professionals with interpersonal, commercial and technical acumen is more paramount than ever before.

For those without access to the same higher education channels, there are a multitude of other routes available which clients across the financial services industry welcome;

  • NGO’s
  • Digital Data platforms
  • Research Houses
  • Charities
  • Consultancies

There is a growing need for domain expertise, and paths to ESF leadership remain varied and multifaceted. In 2021, over 90% of senior ESG roles were appointed externally as opposed to being promoted from an internal role. Specialised expertise from outside the organisation to drive transformational ESG performance change is needed.

Private Equity firm, Topspin Consumer Partners, have just appointed Tennis Star, Venus Williams as their operational partner to focus on driving impact investment opportunities across the healthcare and wellness space. Healthcare, consumer, industrials, infrastructure, renewables and charitable investment are just a few of the crossovers between sustainable investments and working within impact investment.

The biggest prerequisite clients demand during searches, outside of experience or working within the field, is for candidates to exhibit genuine interest in the field. There are a lot of individuals who are seeking to jump on trend, but exhibiting thoughtful, carefully explained reasons behind career moves and courses, will help you stand out.

ESG Careers

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Katherine Howells - Senior ESG and Impact Consultant