Posted on July 12, 2023

ESG Salary Survey

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Across 2022

In the last 12 months, there has been huge upheaval within the ESG and Impact market from both from recruitment, and compensation standpoints.

Reflecting the tumultuous investment banking market, changes within the Impact and ESG spaces have occurred as well. 2022, saw a huge focus on and discrepancies within, the ESG and Impact space, particularly at the junior end.

The Current Market

We have undertaken a deep ESG Salary Survey analysis across the ESG and Impact market to gain an understanding of industry standard for compensation and to identify which roles are high in demand. This information can help our clients to attract and retain top talent and ensure salary fairness.

By leveraging this data, we hope we can help you make informed decisions about your compensation policies and better position your firm within this competitive job market.

Private Equity & Impact Funds

Impact investors are still well compensated for their hard work and impact investment can still offer lucrative rewards, particularly at the 9+ year mark. Our ESG Salary Survey indicates however, that despite the increase in compensation last year, candidates are still largely underpaid in comparison to more traditional investment banking and private equity markets. It is worth noting that there are more anomalies occurring at the senior end. VC markets are less compensated than more established impact funds or impact investment roles within larger institutions, but this seems to still be an attractive market for candidates to wish to move.

ESG Regulation

Individuals that focus solely on ESG as one might expect, are compensated less generously, but firms are more willing to attract talent from the Asset Management, NGO and Consultancy markets.

With an increase in ESG regulation and impact investment pooling more interest globally, opportunities within private equity and impact funds are the standout interest for candidates wishing to move roles. 2022 and 2023 saw the highest creation of new ESG roles within businesses and candidate commentary suggests these newly created role are the most exciting of opportunity.

In Summary

With access to our report, you will find we have highlighted the key trends to be aware of in this current market. Please reach out to discuss the specific data in more detail.