Posted on November 1, 2022

How to attract female talent

Every company, regardless of industry, size or location, has a goal of hiring the best talent. Yet, recruiting diverse candidates remains a top challenge for companies today. Here are some tips to attract more females into finance!

Last month, we ran a social media poll asking our audience to vote on how important a diverse and inclusive work place is when making job offer decisions. 81% of professionals from finance related backgrounds say that ‘’diversity hiring is very high on the agenda’’. In addition to this, and amongst other research polls, we found that gender diversity is a high priority when tackling employment diversity and many finance industries struggle to attract and convert female talent.

So, how do you attract female talent?

Part of our strategy at Pearse Partners is to tackle the finance professionals gender gap. To help support your strategy moving forward, we have listed a few tips below that you should consider when implementing a focus forward approach to attract more female talent.

1. Always use inclusive language

The language used in job descriptions will either attract or repel candidates. A well written job description is one that speaks to diverse applicants while being specific about skills. Leading with sensitive, thoughtful and inclusive language shows candidates you’re an inclusive workplace that considers all applicants regardless of gender, background, disability or status. Yet, as studies show a majority of job ads unintentionally use language that is gender specific. As a result, qualified candidates are reluctant to apply because the language in the company’s job description is telling them they’re not an inclusive workplace.

2. Over indulging in Job Requirements

Research across professional talent in the UK shows that, typically, women apply to roles where they feel they meet 100% of the qualifications listed, while men will apply for a job if they meet as little as 60% of the requirements. This creates a ‘confidence gap’ between male and female talent. The media (and society at large) often frames these types of findings as a failing of women, rather than exploring the possibility that overconfident men should rethink their strategy of applying for jobs in which they only have 60% of the qualifications. For example, look at how the headline from Forbes' article “Are Women Too Timid When They Job Search?” frames the issue as a deficiency in women, rather than a more neutral perspective on gender differences.

Based off this research, limiting the long list of requirements on job descriptions is likely to be much more appealing to women. And to compliment this, most companies are now switching to skills based hiring and becoming more open minded to ‘’other’’ profiles than they are used too - try changing a long list of requirements to, ‘’nice to haves’’.

3. Social Media

Employer branding is pivotal to attract all different types of candidates and being active on social media is the fastest way to showcase your brand. However, 78% of social media users are women, so let’s say its a no brainer to share content on your social media with the intention to attract female talent.

Millennials and Gen Z use social media daily, often up to four hours a day on average. So, are you looking for your next analyst or associate? Social media could be your new best friend.

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From our data research, we know it’s an organisations priority to attract female talent. The main reasons being is business perspective, business performance and a stronger corporate brand. Contact Pearse Partners today to attract more women into your recruitment pipeline, or if you are looking for a new career within finance, our friendly team are on hand to help.