Posted on December 22, 2022

Land your new job in finance

We have highlighted some key points for you to consider on starting your job search now rather than later.

People tend to believe that job hunting slows down completely in December as 2022 draws to its close. This attitude along with a ‘New Year New Me’ mentality encourages people to hold off until the new year in many aspects, including their job search.  We have highlighted some key points for you to consider on starting your job search now rather than later.

Beat the January rush:

Being proactive in your job search in December, can help you to get ahead of other applicants, January is a busy time for recruiters as many applicants believe in waiting for the New Year to start their own search. 

By starting your search now, you get the chance to build a relationship with your recruiter and this will help increase your visibility in terms of new opportunities that may arise for you. 

Embrace the festive feeling:

The build-up to the holiday season creates an atmosphere of excitement. Why not take advantage of the festivities and approach recruiters or firms that you are interested in, to chat about potential opportunities that are currently available, or are coming available soon. A higher percentage of people who interview in December get offered jobs that those who do so in the first quarter of the year as people are in much higher spirits at this point in the year. 

This period provides an excellent path of networking through socials, client lunches or coffee, having an in-person meeting with a recruiter or hiring manager builds a rapport and can boost your chances at getting hired!

Get Clear on what you want:

Set yourself up for success in the future by doing the self-reflection now. Consider what goals you are aiming to achieve and what possible careers might align with your interests. Doing this reflection will help you work out what truly engages you and what you are looking for in your next role/company.  

Being clear about what you’re interested in can help your recruiter to tailor your search to more specific requirements. Casting a wide net is not always beneficial, having a concentrated search will also help you to consider how your previous experience and achievements can align with the culture, and strategy of the company. 

Whilst job hunting may not be a top priority at this point in the year, it is more beneficial for you to get ahead now as you get the chance to connect with recruiters and find more potential job opportunities, taking the time to self-reflect will help you to understand what you want and need out of a role/company

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