Posted on June 21, 2024

SuperReturn, Private Equity Summit

Jonathan Press, our Head of Private Capital Advisory and Investor Relations recruitment, visited Berlin earlier this month to meet with attendees of the SuperReturn conference.

Key Speakers

SuperReturn has frequently been referred to as the Davos of Private Equity, the largest fundraising conference of its kind. This years event saw celebrity speakers such as Björn Ulvaeus from ABBA, shedding light on his newest endeavour, Pophouse, co-founded with EQT founder Connie Jonsson. Pophouse sets out to revolutionise by reimagining music as a valuable asset class. Additionally, Arsène Wenger was in attendance. Arsène discussed how to bring brilliant individuals together in a team; differentiating individual talent and the importance of getting everyone to meet their needs. 

The Attendees

The buzz was palpable as GPs were looking to meet LPs, Placement Agents and Private Funds teams were trying to meet GPs and LPs. For Pearse Partners; we were meeting everyone we could and used the opportunity to continue to build strong relationships with the attendees.


The conference's energy is a perfect conversation starter, with attendees sharing experiences in back-to-back meetings spanning four consecutive days. In a landscape driven by relationships, this environment becomes the breeding ground for cultivating new connections. Whether over a coffee, a refreshing stein, or even complimentary ice creams under the blazing Berlin sun, valuable relationships are nurtured and solidified in these moments of interaction.

Get in touch

Finally, if you missed Jonathan at the SuperReturn event this summer, reach out at Alternatively, access a range of opportunities across our Investor Relations jobs.