Posted on December 12, 2022

Tips to hiring talent in 2023

If you find yourself having difficulties hiring talent at the right time in 2023, it’s likely you will need to change up your attraction and retention approach.

If you find yourself having difficulties hiring talent at the right time in 2023, it’s likely you will need to change up your attraction and retention approach.

People requirements have changed dramatically in the last three years, with remote working and skills shortages taking over, it has become apparent that the recruitment landscape is no longer the same, post covid. 

If you find yourself having difficulties hiring the right talent at the right time in 2023, it’s likely you will need to change up your attraction and retention approach. If you haven’t already, it’s time to embrace the change and adapt tactics. How? We have given you some tips below: 

Social Recruiting 

Social recruiting is quickly taking over traditional recruitment as the norm. When businesses implement social media as a recruitment tool and strategise correctly, you get your brand message across numerous social platforms while demonstrating to potential candidates what the company culture is like. In fact, 96% of job seekers use social media when conducting a job search (CareerArc).  

When choosing the right platform to attract talent, it’s important to do a thorough analysis of your targeted demographic. For example, Gen Z talent will start their job search via Instagram and TikTok, where as you are more likely to find millennials on Linkedin

Company culture attracts the top 20% of candidates, therefore a strong reputation and positive online presence carries a lot of weight, especially with passive jobseekers, ensuring your online presence reflects your brand is integral. 

Be less generic 

Generic terms have lost their meaning and warm leads are starting to tune out when they constantly read ‘perks’ such as, ‘’yearly ski trip’’ as a reason to join. Don’t get us wrong, these are fantastic perks, however the market is being saturated with the same incentives, whereas job seekers are now making their decision based on where they can thrive as individuals and become part of a positive culture. 

Instead, take a deep dive into the culture and discover what makes you unique and provide case studies of individual and personal growth stories that will be relatable and exciting to a new lead. 

Share values 

For the first time in a long time there are now more candidates than there are jobs, this allows the candidate market to be very picky, wait around for the ‘’perfect opportunity’’ and become very selective. This leaves brands with no other choice but to work harder to stand out to attract the best talent, and change your employer brand accordingly. 

The same tried and tested tactics may no longer be enough to win talent, companies have to make their workplace desirable. Promote what makes your company unique and find out which specific elements will appeal to your target candidate.

Make it easy

Making your job applicants’ lives easier before, during, and after the application process does not require large amounts of time, massive investments, or even black magic. However, it will make a world of difference. It all boils down to an effortless user experience, consistent communication, and a bit of a personal touch and feedback. 

Traditional application processes hold candidates back to apply. That moment when you have decided to apply and the company asks you to fill out 4 pages of questions, a motivation letter and a video pitch. There are too many jobs to choose from and recruiters are more aggressive than ever. So, holding on too old, difficult and time consuming application processes will cost more applicants than you might think. Make it easy, quick and fun to apply.

To summarise, time have changed to attract great talent. Businesses needs to be more visible and engaging online, there needs to be a straight forward approach to communicating with the right people, less fluff and an opportunity to get into the real reason why a candidate will be a great fit to your company. If the above is fulfilled, you will likely have hired the right candidate and have genuine contribution and retention to grow your team. 

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