Posted on May 18, 2023

Investment bankers bonuses: London Markets

Despite a challenging year for bankers, they are still earning significant amounts.

We have researched specific salary and bonus data points across the investment banking market. The findings include that investment bankers in London can expect to earn an additional 35% to 100% of their already generous salaries as a bonus. Bonuses are paid out in August (for Analysts) and Q1 (for Associates and VP’s). 

As our report, suggests, base salaries are rather relative, its bonus where individuals notice a significant difference in pay.

Investment Banking Analyst
 Bonus in London

The big 4, such as Citi, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley pay a generous bonus across Analyst 1 to Analyst 3.

Investment Banking Associates Bonus in London

Investment Bankers total compensation, including salary and bonus, is listed below:

Investment Bankers total compensation 2022 - 2023

When considering yearly compensation, firms like Deutsche and Morgan Stanley appear more appealing than Barclays for Vice Presidents in banking. However, the question remains - is total compensation the only factor to consider when job seeking?

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